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Thread: Switching virtual terminals (ctrl-alt-Fn)

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    Switching virtual terminals (ctrl-alt-Fn)


    I can switch to terminals 2-6 with ctrl-alt-F[2-6], but can not return to my X session with ctrl-alt-F7 (or alt-F7).
    Ctrl-alt-F1 brings me to graphical login screen.

    If this is expected behavior, my question is how can I return to X?

    If this is not normal (as I guess), my question is how to correct and set this issue properly?

    Using Kali Rolling, fully updated.

    TIA and best regards,


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    Well, I see many views but no answers.
    I still have the same problem, have investigated a lot, but found no solution.

    Here is some additional info:
    - i use GNOME Shell 3.30.1 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T450. Video is Intel.

    When I switch from X my session to any VT (e.g. tty3, with ctrl-alt-F3) and execute
    # ps -ef | grep tty

    I see the current tty (tty3), tty1 and the one I just left (tty2), I can see that there is an X session there.
    But, when I try to switch back to tty2, it fails; another ps -ef shows my X session as "gone".
    Next switch to tty1 brings me to new X (login screen).

    It looks like my X session is alive after I leave it for another VT, but it crashes in the very moment I try to return to it.
    After one or two new switches, X takes the first free slot and starts again. The old X is lost. Very annoying.

    I don't expect complete solution here, but would be happy with any hints where to look for further investigation.

    My other systems work well (even Kali ones), it's only this one that is broken and I can not figure why. Any ideas?

    TIA again.
    Best regards,


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