Hi All,

Has anyone got the full version of KALI Linux installed on a 128GB SD Card on Raspverry Pi 3?

So I have been trying to install full version of KALI linux (with all tools) for my RPI 3 on a 128GB SD Card.

For which, firstly, I successfully downloaded & installed "kali-linux-2018.3-rpi3-nexmon.img" from the official kali website on a 16GB SD card. Then I upgraded the arm version to full vesion using the command 'apt-get install kali-linux-full'

The upgradation was successful. After which I naturally executed the commands 'apt-get update'; 'apt-get upgrade' and even 'apt-get dist-upgrade'. All of which went thru smooth, no errors found. In 16GB SD card, I did face some issues but that was addressed with the help of following link:


Now the problem started when I try to do the same on a 128GB SD Card !!!

Same image, same procedure but on a 128GB card. Things were fine till I upgraded to full version of kali linux for my RPi3. But now when I run 'apt-get upgrade' or 'apt-get dist-upgrade' commands, the screen suddenly goes blank with the cursor blinking every now and then.

Like I have mentioned before, everything works fine on the 16GB SD Card. I have been trying to get full version of Kali linux with all tools on this 128B SD Card but kept failing after I try to do the apt-get upgrade.

I even tried Ctrl+Alt+F3 to get into the recovery mode but no luck

Any help appreciated !!! Has anyone been successful in installing full kali linux on a 128GB SD Card for a Raspberry Pi 3?