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Thread: Error with booting 2018.4 from USB

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    Error with booting 2018.4 from USB

    Hello. So since i've been waiting for like 2 years for this error to be fixed, and nothing happened, i decided to make a thread about it. Back to 2016. Latest version of Kali linux that was, and it still is, working for my laptop is 2016.1. For some reason, non of the 2017 or 2018 versions are working for my laptop. I'm getting some sort of iwlwifi errors but when I look on the internet, especially on Debian's site, nothing pops up. I'm using ASUS ROG GL552VW. I was wondering how come 2016.1 version has something that newer does not. Still wondering and I hope that someone can help me with this.

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    Did you install the firmware package? firmware-iwlwifi

    What are the exact error you're getting?

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