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Thread: Kali Linux does not start, ACPI error.

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    Kali Linux does not start, ACPI error.

    Hi, I have a problem after installing Kali Linux E7 (kali-linux-e17-2018.2-amd64.iso, downloaded from the official Kali Linux site). I use Windows 10 and the partition scheme of my disk is GPT, so I proceeded to boot my USB with GPT and UEFI and DD mode to detect the memory as a CD-DVD (because it needs it that way). Everything went fine in the installation until the network and internet part arrived, I did not appear to look for my WiFi, but to directly place an HDCP and all those data of the networks (I am not very enlightened on the subject), as I did not I could do anything I gave him in the option to continue without connection (or something like that). The installation continued well until I got a part where I asked about a mirror and the internet did not work either, regardless of the country I chose and the mirror. Then jump to the last stage and the Live installed the GRUB correctly, because the list appears with the Boot Manager of Windows and Kali, which is fine.
    Windows starts normally and works normally, although the only strange detail after the installation is this one that will be placed in the image below (The HP logo that was previously centered, after the installation appears moved to the right):
    Error HP.jpg
    ut it also starts and serves Windows (and the Linux grub).
    Well, when I try to enter Kali Linux I get the following error:
    ACPI Error.jpg
    And I do not know what to do to fix it. I have tried the VirtualBox virtual machine with Kali Linux with KDE and it works fine.
    The specifications of my computer (laptop):
    AMD Ryzen 5 processor 2500U with Vega 8 graphics
    8 GB of RAM
    1TB of storage HDD 5400RPM
    Original operating system Windows 10 Home Single Language
    Please help me. Thank you.

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    You probably mean DHCP, HDCP is a copy protection on HDMI.

    Your wireless card may not be supported out of the box, so plug a network cable when installing. It can work without Internet connection too.

    The screenshot is way too small and I suggest to look up those errors in Google to see if it comes up with anything and report back to us.

    VirtualBox/VMware always work as long as the host OS works fine, that's because it is virtualized and the hardware it sees is not what the host has (like when you boot natively), it is virtualized as well. You can actually see that when running lspci.

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