Hei guys

I tried to post yesterday but the admin said it was to little info so i try i again.

My system is Lenovo yoga 720, 8.gen I5 8G.DRR4 and 256.M2 sdd

Os is win 10 and i am trying to run Kali 2018.4 on it

So i have change the bios from raid to ACHI, turn off secure boot and using UEFI.
I made the thumbdrive with CASPER wich i have done a lot of times and tested it on another pc.

When i boot from the USB i get the meny Kali live and some more options but not install. If i try to run it live from the thumbdrive the screen just goes black and nothing happens. If i go to advance options and try install from there the same happens.

What i would like to do is to dual boot win and kali. I have made a partition for it. I hope somebody can help me with that here.
Best regards