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Thread: Crunch question

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    Crunch question

    I am having difficulty creating a password list with crunch with the following parameters, starts with 5ABCD5 as first 6 characters all the time with a total of 12 characters with 7th character always a digit and the last 6 characters totally random uppercase and digits all the time.
    I started like follows "crunch 12 12 -o START -b 100mb -t 5ABCD5%"
    I can not find out how to find a symbol to tell crunch for mixed uppercase and numeric for last 5 characters.

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    Hey undersc0re, I've generating a few lists using Crunch before and they are fine but they weren't customized in the way you are aiming. When wanting to add prefixed characters such as 5ABCD5 etc and the uppercase lowercase stuff, i've found that ' Mentalist ' is good for this type of customizing.
    Hope this helps as an alternative for you.

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    I figured a way, when too complicated I just make a few different list and then combine them into a single file, was hoping I could do it in a single command. Thanks for your input.

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