My setup is a PXE server running some Ubuntu server with FOG Project installed in it. I've downloaded 2018.4 Kali iso file. Mounted and copied files from the iso in /images/os/kali. I downloaded Kali netboot.tar and from it copied the kernel and initrd to /tftpboot/os/kali/2. These are the parameters configured on FOG management:

kernel tftp://fog-ip-here/os/kali/2/linux
initrd tftp://fog-ip-here/os/kali/2/initrd.gz
imgargs linux auto url=http://fog-ip-here/kali/preseed.cfg initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/nfs netboot=nfs nfsroot=fog-ip-here:/images/os/kali/ ip=dhcp rw
boot || goto MENU

PXE booting works ''fine''. I have managed to install Kali Linux, mostly without any tools ie. metasploit and sometimes crashing into Bad Archive errors. So I've fiddled with the correct kernels etc. and also added the preseed file to which I put a line for testing purposes:

# Install a limited subset of tools from the Kali Linux repositories
d-i pkgsel/include string openssh-server openvas metasploit-framework wireshark nano

Installer ran without any problems. However on the main login screen I cannot login with root credentials but on terminal they work just fine. I made a new user to try the login and it worked. And the tools.. Wireshark is installed but for example there isn't any sign about the Metasploit Framework.

So what to take into account when trying to PXE install Kali with the basic set of tools? Is anything wrong with the setup? How to advance with the root login case?