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Thread: Kali on HP Chromebook 11 / Samsung Series 3

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    Question Kali on HP Chromebook 11 / Samsung Series 3

    Any HP Chromebook 11 / Samsung Series 3 XE303C12 users here? From what I gather these chromebooks are identical. After a little bit of problem solving, I can boot Kali off a USB stick. However, the system is ridiculously slow. Tried using a faster USB stick but this made no difference. Now I am running apt-get dist-upgrade to see if it helps. However, I've heard that it may be due to running off a USB stick and that install to internal memory is preferred. Has anyone installed Kali on the internal memory? How is it working? How do I go about installing it?


    *EDIT* I will rephrase and see if this gets any responses - so currently I can run Kali off a usb stick. I've made a backup of internal chromebook memory using dd. Can I simply wipe the internal memory (mmcblk0) and dd the two partitions I have one the running USB stick (one for kernel and one for rest of the system) to the internal memory?
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    Did it to mine...

    I modified the script from, for kali installation on XE303C12:
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