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Thread: LATEST VMR-MDK-K2-2017R-012x4 (MODIFIED)

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    Lightbulb LATEST VMR-MDK-K2-2017R-012x4 (MODIFIED)

    First off, thanks to musket teams (@musket33) for this tool, they are the original authors...

    I just had to modify it to make it better

    This is the latest version of this tool, this tool is used for cracking routers that have wps enabled.

    I've been able to modify it and add a couple of enhancements.

    Major Enhancements

    1. I added a diagnostics script that helps check if your card supports packet injection, and if the tool will run properly on your system

    2. the tool now properly displays the version of reaver in use.

    3. the tool now properly exits removing the card from monitor mode and restarts network manager properly

    4. other bug fixes and improvements

    download it here

    make sure to read the file on how to install and use.

    Side note: I would have created a pull request on github for the modifications made but apparently musket teams uploads their source code zipped, so it wouldn't make sense for me to send a pr. anyways I hope in the future they look into making use of git workflow, so they can version their apps properly.

    Please do well to star the repo and send in your pr's. thanks.

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    I'll test here, thanks.

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    I did not see much difference from the original script, not restarts network manager properly here.


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    I installed it and after running it, it takes a long time to shut down the system, it runs a lot of kill commands and such! ??

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    Hi, I have installed this on two different computers both 4 core units and ran it. I have yet to see do anything but what do not like is it corrupts the OS after running to the point it will not run anything else!
    And then if you reboot it runs a long lists of commands and a few KILL processes.
    Anyone seen something like this?

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    Suggest you download from the original source and read the help files.

    VMR-MDK only works in a very small number of routers. You should see very quickly whether the router is vulnerable to the VMR-MDK process or not. MTeams is working on embedding a scanner routine in varmacscan which will identify when a router might be vulnerable to VMR-MDK but the coding is not finished at present.

    MTeams cannot comment on modified versions of this script written by other authors.

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