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Thread: VM Kali - gnu grub v2 ubuntu

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    VM Kali - gnu grub v2 ubuntu

    Hello, Im a newbie with Kali. When I turn on my pc it goes directly to GNU GRUB version2-ubuntu... Minimal BASH-like line editing...

    this is how my Secure boot configuration is at the moment
    Legacy support -disable
    secure boot - disable
    fast boot - disable

    I did try changing those to enable, I did my research but nothing really worked.

    I did also try to restore windows by troubleshooting but nothing. I did try automaric repair but nothing.

    Now, How did I get here?... There are 2 main things that I did this past days

    1-(2 days ago) I used to have a bootable menu, every time I turned the Pc, the menu will let me choose between Ubuntu and Windows, 2 Days ago I decided to delete the ubuntu and what i did is I deleted 2 partitions on my HDD, using partition magic software (or something like that). I deleted 2 partitions,LINUX and SWAP. (I think here is where I forget to do something in reference to BMR on Windows 8.1 that is my main O.S at least that is what a lot of forums where saying)

    2- And yesterday, when I turned my pc everything was working just fine. I did install Kali on a VM using Virtual Box. I did installed using Boot menu-INSTALL option.

    Thanks you for taking the time to read my post and happy holidays

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