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Thread: What do you think about Kali Linux on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

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    What do you think about Kali Linux on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

    Hi, Kali Linux community!
    I'm new using Kali Linux, I have been using Arch Linux with BlackArch for a while. Now I have a new laptop with better hardware for hacking and virtualization. However, this laptop has Windows 10 Pro by default and I need W10 for work and university. So, uninstalling W10 and installing Kali only it's not an option.
    Yes, I know about Dual Boot, but I find this really painful, every time Windows Upgrades, Kali Linux stop booting and sometimes some partitions get removed. I always prefer to have a full installation, but this time I need Windows installed and I have no problem with Windows even though I'm a Linux guy. I know I could use VM but I heard about Kali Linux using WSL and I want to hear your opinions about it.
    I want to know your opinions about WSL
    Do you find it too limited?
    What about networking?
    Do you think you perfectly (or decently) work using Kali Linux for WSL + Windows apps (Win32)?

    I know a VM would be a lot easier to work with, but in that case, I prefer to install Arch Linux (+ BlackArch) and use Windows on VM.

    Thanks for any help!
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