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Thread: How to remove kali linux 4.18 from kali linux 4.16

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    How to remove kali linux 4.18 from kali linux 4.16


    While I'm using kali linux I received updates so I updated.After boot my screen goes to OUT OF RANGE. Then I again restart and press ESC and choose ADVANCE KALI-LINUX OPTION .There I can see two versions installed 1) kali linux 4.18 2) kali linux 4.18 (recovery) 3) kali linux 4.16 4) kali linux 4.16 (recovery)

    The system boots to kali linux 4.18 by default and display OUT OF RANGE. As soon as I choose kali linux 4.16 it boots normally as before.

    How to remove kali linux 4.18 cause it ruining the boot.I even tried "quiet splash VGA=795" at end of linux in grub.Not working.So I decided to remove kali linux 4.18.How to do? Thanks in Advance!

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    Could you explain what you mean by "display OUT OF RANGE"?

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    Screen shows OUT OF RANGE without booting
    Need to remove all those kali linux 4.18

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