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Thread: clean install, graphics display errors after login

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    Question clean install, graphics display errors after login

    I am receiving some graphic issues after logging into my root account on a clean install of kali-linux-2018.4-amd64.iso

    I do have dual booting though, so I'll just shortly explain what I did to give a better understanding of what could be wrong.
    And I also receive some error messages when launching Kali Linux, and I am quite unsure of what they mean exactly, I hope you could help me out with that too.

    So what I did was taking my 250GB SDD drive C:\ with Windows 10 on it and I shrinked 40 GB from it and I took my USB pen and burned the image file onto it using Win32DiskImager and I restarted my computer booting the USB and installed the OS choosing the 40 GB and choosing the option to automagically setup the partitions in the unallocated space on the drive.
    I noticed that it did install bootloader and checked if there was other operating systems installed, but it never asked me if I wanted to use the master boot record or not.
    It restarted just fine, but it booted directly into Windows 10, no questions asked, so I figure where is the options? I restart the computer holding down SHIFT key booting into WinRE tools selecting the option to pick which device to boot from, and I see 'kali' which I also entered in the hostname field during installation, so I clicked on it and it booted into gnu grub 2 where I picked to boot into kali linux and here are there first errors that were shown
    and the screen flashes and these are the other errors shown
    finally I am met with the login screen
    I login and boom graphics errors in top left corner, everything else is black


    And if I don't log in and press CTRL + ALT + F2 or F1 I can switch to console where I can see login as root and password beneath the graphics error displaying, but upon logging in, I believe the computer freezes.

    I am clueless, after several attempts to reinstall the operating system using different methods of burning iso to usb, looking for similar threads, but no fix found.
    One thing I did notice that using Rufus, Universal USB Installer, and others, makes 1 partition I can enter the USB drive in explorer and see all the os installation files, but Win32DiskImager breaks the usb up in two partitions, one I can access which holds the following files:

    and the other partition I am not able to access, which makes me wonder; how can this usb finish installation, whilst the others can not?

    Anyway I hope you guys can help me, I really want to dual boot with kali linux, instead of using virtualization methods.

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    When you post screenshots, I'd recommend putting larger pictures, it's unreadable. Have you googled the errors?

    Before you install, get into a console and get the output of lspci.

    Another thing you may try is the latest weekly ISO.

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    If you placed the boot command to your kali partition you wont have to install it
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    Thank you, didn't work, however I managed to get the error fixed by using a third USB pen ! Seems that the first two were corrupted in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatiasMunk View Post
    Thank you, didn't work, however I managed to get the error fixed by using a third USB pen ! Seems that the first two were corrupted in some way.

    I finally found my same exact issue! So you just bought a new usb drive and tried a new fresh install? Never thought of that. Are you dual booting the set up? Thanks.

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