First of all sorry for my English. It is not my native language.
I want to install Kali linux on my Lenovo T430 but i have some questions before installing it. I had bad experiences before even i followed official instructions to dual boot at my other PCs.
So, I will be glad if somebody can guide me with installing.

On my T430;
There are 3 disks plugged,
-240 GB SSD (Windows installed on it, Bitlocker encrpypted)
-120 GB mSATA SSD (This is the one that i want to install Kali on)
-2 TB HDD (This is storage area for my PC, Bitlocker encrypted)
I use Bitlocker encryption because i travel a lot and do not want to disable it.

Also for BIOS;
-Secure Boot/Fast Boot disabled
-Only UEFI mode with no CSM

I have no concern related with seeing other drives at Kali. I want to isolate Windows side and Linux side, so Bitlocker can help me to do it i think, because Kali will not see them unless i make something.

My main question is;
- 1 year ago i installed another linux that can determine Windows at installation. After installation, it installed GRUB but it didn't see Windows (no Bitlocker on any drives) and i had no luck to recover Windows boot, so i need to install everything from beginning. Do Bitlocker encryption prevent GRUB to add Windows EFI partition to boot it ? When i look partition software that i use, only one partition with letter assigned on it seems encrypted and other Windows partitions with no letter do not have Bitlocker encryption.
-What are the things that i need to pay attention while Kali installation ? I do not want to toss my Windows and access to storage like before, because there are so many applications with lot of configurations.

Thanks a lot in advance !