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Thread: Help , "Detect and mount CD-ROM" Error

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    Exclamation Help , "Detect and mount CD-ROM" Error

    Hello there . So these days i have been trying to install KALI LINUX version 2018.4 on my pc in my HDD which is a ---> HP Pavilion 06 . it's a 32 bit operation.
    So i download the HTTP file from the kali linux official site and i made it as a bootable usb device with "win32diskmanager", and then i rebooted my pc and opened the usb as a boot manager and then i try to install as a "Graphical Install" and then i run into this problem that it won't seem to let me go throught , i've tried over 5+ methods around the internet and it seems that nothing will work , and i most likely think its my pc problem , so i thought i could ask you guys if u can solve anything.
    So i booted all the way until i run into this problem that it says , "Detect and Mount CD-ROM" and for 1 second it loads and then it will give me a blank white screen with just the kali topline like this here ->
    :kali problem.jpg this right here , this is the problem that it got me pulling my hair out from stress i can't seem to go throught this never.
    please if you could help me i would appreciate it so much ♥ HAVE A NICE DAY ^_^.

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    Once Try Rufus instead of Windisk32
    Does your PC have CD/DVD rw??
    If no then select DD mode instead of iso while making bootable USB!!! Also tell me about your hard drive partition format ...GBT or MBR!!

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    Hello , thanks for replying to me
    ○ So i tried Rufus and it still didn't work!
    ○ Yes my pc has a CD-ROM here is my screenshot : dvd rom.jpg
    ○ i have still tried DD mode and ISO mode i've tried all but still no result.
    ○ And my Hard drive partition format is MBR.
    What can i do else man im very upset from this struggle

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    Use win32diskimager or mac os dd command to write iso to thumb drive. Rufus has issues. You can try changing boot order in BIOS. Make sure usb key is first in order. Select uefi where possible. You can even disable cd/dvd entry and maybe avoid that issue(if not using cd/dvd). Make sure you have the 32 bit version of kali for a 32 bit OS. Reformat the usb as exfat or fat32 before running win32diskimager or dd. For dual boot, read the guide on dual boot.

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