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Thread: Installing Kali on dual drive laptop

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    Installing Kali on dual drive laptop

    How to install Kali on laptop having dual drives?
    I have laptop which comes with 2 hard drives .one is SSD which is occupied by windows and another one is HDD of 1 TB which contains data.
    I want to install/boot Kali on 1tb hard drive that after successful installation, I able to choose between two os ,which I want to start.
    I think it's not a case of dual boot.
    I tried installing Kali but won't get to gnome desktop!!!

    How can I do this installation successful???


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    Those laptops usually will boot on the HDD when only the HDD is present. When a SSD is present (regardless if a HDD is present or not), it will only boot on the SSD, so I'm assuming you'd have to install the bootloader on the SSD where windows is.

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    Firstly, you'll need to go to windows and search for "Computer Management" from there select "Storage". You should see all the drives that are currently attached to your laptop. In your case, you would see your HDD, SSD, and any USB's, or any optical media you have inserted in your laptop. In the big list of drives, you want to identify which one is your HDD. Once you've found it, find the partition which contains the data on your HDD. RIght click on it, and shrink the size of it. From 1tb to 650gb for example. This will leave 350gb of free space for Kali Linux. (I'm going to assume you have your ISO ready on a USB for the install) in the installer, go through the graphical install as you would normally until you reach the part where it asks you to partition/install Kali on one of your drives. What you should select is an option along the lines of "Guided - Use the largest available space". Select that and then select your HDD. This will install Kali Linux on the 350gb of free space we made in Windows. From there, make sure you select yes to Network Repositories. (Assuming the rest of the install goes without flaws). Restart your laptop and press f2 or whatever key gets you into your UEFI/BIOS and go to the boot tab. From there you should see a partition called something along the lines of "Kali Linux" or "Grub". Whatever it's called for you, move it to the top of the boot order. Save the changes and then restart your laptop once more. You should be in the GRUB boot-loader. which will allow you to select either Windows or Kali Linux. Hope this helps!

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