Ladies and gentlemen,
After much frustration and looking I finally decided to try and install KDE the manual way on the preconfigured image. It was slow going and I didnt feel like building the dep list for KDE as a whole so I did alittle further searching and added some repo's.

apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop
returned error stating the package could not be located. After adding the Debian Wheezy repo and retrying the same step, I was given the same message. I then decided to grab the kde-plasma-desktop package from the package website, and began building my package+dep list in notepad.....realizing that this was probably the worst way to accomplish my mission, I decided to give my efforts one last try.

I found this code, which enabled me to install KDE and all of its dependincies with little to no trouble
echo deb kali-bleeding-edge main >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
After running the above commands I then ran
apt-get upgrade -f
to fix my dependencies issue and bam. KDE for me
Hopefully anyone else having this issue will find this helpful.

Please let me know if you have the same issue but get different results.