Hi everyone.

I have noticed that spoofing a mac adress to connect my computer to a hotspot prevents me from connecting to this very hotspot... Sometimes, I can connect to the router but no webpage is displayed (it loads indefinitely).

I have precisely followed these steps:

-First: service network-manager stop
-Then : airmon-ng start wlan0 (enabling monitor mode)
-airodump-ng mon0, followed by a airodump-ng --bssid MAC_address_of_the_hotspot mon0. Then I got the MAC address of someone connected to the hotspot.
- I quit airodump, then I did "ifconfig wlan0 down"
- macchanger -m the_mac_address_I_got_2_steps_earlier wlan0
-ifconfig wlan0 up

At this point, "ifconfig" shows me that the mac address is spoofed (yeay!).

Still, I can't connect to the hotspot...

Any idea, any help?