Dear Forum,

OS is Kali 2019.1, running 64bit on VMware Fusion, networking via vmware nat networking, Hardware on which fusion runs is a macbook pro.

When installing Kali 2019.1 fresh i mentioned a strange thing when trying to test the new metasploit web services REST API. In fact, the web services were just not there. I examined further and found out, that the msfdb shipped with the metasploit v5 in Kali 2019.1 comes without all the web services features compared to a fresh install of metasploit without apt packet.

I then updated Kali via apt to the latest version as of today so also msf is updated to the latest of today delivered via Kali repository, which is msf 5.0.10-dev. Still the old msfdb version.

So my question would be: Is this by design? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks and best regards