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Thread: Real Strengh Kali Linux

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    Real Strengh Kali Linux

    Hello as part of a project, I have to check the viability of several devices connected to my local network (isolated from the outside) so I first turned to the famous Kali distribution. However, as the days go by, the question of using Kali arises, is there a real difference with a more standard Distrib on which I install the tools that interest me? Indeed, Kali being a separate distribution, I have difficulty installing some packages necessary to use Ansible for example and this worries me for the rest... The Kali kernel sometimes doesn't seem to be compatible... So for the moment, apart from having read everywhere that the strength of this distribution is to have many tools pre-installed, I don't see any technical advantage from a Kernel point of view... If you know a little more, don't hesitate, in advance, thank you.

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    Kali is not a general purpose distribution. It is dedicated for penetration testing, forensics. And it is based on Debian testing, which changes a lot.

    You would probably better off with an Ubuntu LTS (16.04/18.04) or Debian, when it comes to use ansible and other configuration management tools.

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