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Thread: Kali installation failed dell xps 15 9560

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    Kali installation failed dell xps 15 9560

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    kali linux Dell xps 15 9560
    Hi guys!

    Am installing kali linux on dell xps 15 9650 and anytime the process gets to the "copying files to disk installation stage"
    Error, installation step failed appears.
    any help?

    heres the syslog data

    Mar 27 20:03:06 base-installer: error: The tar process copying the live system failed (only 19973 out of 392697 files have been copied, last file was ).
    Mar 27 20:03:06 main-menu[857]: (process:13818): tar: read error: Input/output error
    Mar 27 20:03:06 main-menu[857]: (process:13818): tar: short read
    Mar 27 20:03:06 main-menu[857]: WARNING **: Configuring 'live-installer' failed with error code 1

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    Have you checked the hashsum of the ISO? Is your thumbdrive formatted fat32?

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