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Thread: Kali Black Screen On Boot

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    Question Kali Black Screen On Boot

    Recently I updated my Kali install, after a reboot, it seems like Xorg isn't starting up correctly. It goes through all the scrolling text on screen. Then normally I have black screen with a cursor, then the GUI log in comes up. However now it is just stalling on that black screen. I'm able to get a Ctrl+Alt+f1 CLI going, and I've tried startx, but it hangs and doesn't start the GUI.

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    I was able to fix it, turns out I was looking that it might of been GRUB, turned out to be Xorg.conf was missing so I configured Xorg to make a '' then copied that to /usr/X11 and everything was alright.

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    i recommend on this issue to install first synaptic package manager into your linux destro. then in the serach toolbar type "gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons".
    mark it for installation. then click apply.

    Also install gnome-tweak-tool to your to your destro.
    check if in Extensions tab if desktop icons is enabled or not.

    Now desktop icons should come on your desktop.
    if it still didn't come then reboot your system.

    and you will see it there.(atleast it worked for me)


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