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Thread: Can't Install Kali Properly

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    Exclamation Can't Install Kali Properly

    I have been trying to install Kali for a few weeks now. Following different guides every time. I want to install Kali on a 128gb ssd. The entire ssd is dedicated to Kali. Next to this I have 4 more drives that I use with my windows 10 install.
    Pc Specs:
    i7 8700k (overclocked to 5.1ghz, but I have also tried without overclock)
    16 gb ddr4 ram
    MSI Aero RTX 2070
    Gigabyte aorus pro wifi
    Next to this I have a lot of hard drives. I am positive I picked the right one every time however.

    I have used Rufus in DD mode and Linux Live usb creator.

    I tried installing with CSM on and off
    Though when I turned it on and made it boot in legacy mode, the entire disk didn't even show up anymore after installing.
    I have installed it with it disabled and then the drive show up as a bootable hard drive. Once booted into it I got past the big blue Kali screen and then I get a black screen with a blinking cursor.
    I have tried many online guides but haven't been able to fix this issue.

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    Like most problems like this sounds like graphics card drivers.

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    You can try disabling nouveau at boot time, by adding nouveau.modeset (search in the forum or in google for the correct name) and if that works, blacklist it in /etc/modprobe.d

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    i have the same problem.. i think no solution

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