I am currently using Kali linux as a dual boot with windows 10. I cannot figure out how to allocate my Kali linux OS unallocated space that I have on one of my drives without reinstalling.
I have only just set up Kali linux as a dual boot with windows on my laptop and have only allocated it 20GB. I have 90GB of unallocated space which I would also like to add to it.
At the moment the partition that I have allocated for my kali linux is not sitting adjacent to my unallocated space partition. I have used NIUBI with windows to try move them together but it has not worked. I have also used gparted in my Kali Linux to try fix it but it has not been successful. I don't know if it has something to do with the file system as my kali linux partition is ext4 and the unallocated space partition is FAT32.
Im unsure how this can be fixed, have tried various things and would really love some detailed instructions of how this can be fixed.