Hi All,

I have searched the forum from box-to-box... I can be blind, as I failed to found relative subject. here is the case:

MacBook Pro early 2011. plenty of ram, ssd and dual GPU (Intel and Radeon). Latest Kali image from kali.org. bootable USB created. Installation without any issues (this is not the first time only one case with most recent WIFI drivers, but I do not need them at that point.

Anyway, everything perfect, as always (never had an issues with kali installations) until now. The installation was successful, the prompts for removing the bootable media and reboot to newly installed system, and then as I left it to boot I came back to see the command line:

/dev/sda2: clean, xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx files, xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx blocks

Figged a bit and end up modifying grub items (e, adding nomodeset, F10)

The boot flashed but I make photo of the error after the line above and it was:

[ 4.099577] [drm:radeon_init [radeon]] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module|

Then I could only press CTR+ALT+F2/F3 to open tty and boot to the system in command line.

I have searched for all options through the net and did not found any real solution either to boot standard way to get to the graphical mode (well if I wan to have raw cmd line linux I could stick to the debian wihout kde or gnome), but this is not a purpose of Kali. So I end up with one big ***...

Tried all sort of ATI drivers upgrades, updates, reinstallation's.... FSCK's, removing XORG's updating them, removing rebuilding gdm. Seriously everything.
Modifying GRUB adding nomodeset to the boot lines, adding radeon.modeset's... nothing.

The most weird thing is that I have 2011 MB Air and Kali runs on it without any issues it does have only nVidia 330 GPU (if this is even related).
Seriously I feel like a blind in the fog in the dark... started to think, maybe its an issue with the volume (Samsung SSD) but really...
I know there are tetrahadrylions of smart people, but is there any one able to help and solve the issue?

PS: To preempt questions, why MBP, because I have it. and it is quite powerful, i7, 32gb ram, big ssd, place for another ssd. And I like it and I do not want to sell it and buy similar spec Lenovo or HP.

Thanks in advance for any reasonable answers.
Best Regards, R.