I want to build all the lastest updates into my live usb
Im not sure the best way to do this..
maybe you guys know an app that will mange this on autopilot?
but found this offical guide to remastering the ISO with updates,
this way i could create a new updated Kali Live USB.
apt install -y curl git live-build cdebootstrap
git clone git://git.kali.org/live-build-config.git
cd live-build-config/
./build.sh --variant lxde --verbose
Problem is i keep running out of space so it fails before creating the new ISO!!
Im trying to do this from my current LIVE kali 32gb USB,
when i run,
df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev            7.8G     0  7.8G   0% /dev
tmpfs           1.6G  9.8M  1.6G   1% /run
/dev/sda1        29G  3.1G   26G  11% /run/live/persistence/sda1
/dev/loop0      2.8G  2.8G     0 100% /run/live/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs
tmpfs           7.9G  7.9G   24K 100% /run/live/overlay
overlay         7.9G  7.9G   24K 100% /
tmpfs           7.9G   32M  7.9G   1% /dev/shm
tmpfs           5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs           7.9G     0  7.9G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs           7.9G   16K  7.9G   1% /tmp
tmpfs           1.6G   20K  1.6G   1% /run/user/0
"tmpfs" & "overlay" run out of space to complete creation of ISO (as they are only 7.9GB)
I think this is an automatically created RAM partition upon boot based on half RAM size? (i have 16gb total RAM)
Im not sure how to increase this directory?
I cant even find them in GParted (probably because they are virtual partitions).

Ive tried loading with persistence, which kinda helped
and i believe when it failed again, some files where cached to "/run/live/persistence/sda1"
however all the updates dont get cached
then i get this Error:
pkg: error: failed to write status database record about 'amap' to '/var/lib/dpkg/status': No space left on device
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)
P: Begin unmounting filesystems...
P: Saving caches...
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Build of kali-rolling/lxde/amd64 live image failed (see build.log for details)