Hello everyone,
just installed kali and was setting around firsts configurations. I wanted to have a new user account (other than root obviously) and set the the sudo password as root password instead user password to have access to privilege. So everything fine right now, because I added "Defaults rootpw" to /etc/sudoers and works as expected. So from now when using terminal from the new user account - example:" newUser@localhost: sudo cfdisk. " the correct password to run the command is the root password and NOT the newUser password (nice), BUT when i type for example : " newUser@sudo gparted", Kali popup an alert "Authentication required" which require the password for the newUser account and once typed the password of the newUser it works and run the command, Not as expected.
Same situation surfing from Desktop interface and trying to open the root folder by newUser with chmod previously set to " $ chmod 700 root " so only accessible to root user. Kali opens the alert and typing newUser password opens the root folder which was with root privilege only.
How is possible to bypass or disable the alert? Thanks