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Thread: Can't Transfer Files From Tails Persistence to Kali Persistence

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    Can't Transfer Files From Tails Persistence to Kali Persistence

    Due to a crash, I had to reinstall Kali 4.2018 with live persistence & LUKS encryption on my USB, and it seems to work good except for one issue. Prior to this I could freely transfer document & downlload files back & forth between Tails & Kali root user as long as I entered the LUKS passphrase when mounting the USB not currently being used as the OS. Now I don't have the option of copying/posting files back & forth anymore nor do I get a right click menu when accessing Tails persistence while using Kali as the OS. When I try to drag a file from Tails to Kali, Tails pulls it back like a rubber band. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix? I've tried some basic maneuvers with file permissions but nothing's working.

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    I believe what happened is that I did 2 things wrong when creating the live Kali live USB and it wound up being somewhat corrupted. When using the mini partition tool, I didn't make the yellow smaller 4GB partition at the front of the USB by bringing the slider to the LEFT because I kept trying to move the slider to the right. Also, not sure if this mattered, but when I booted the corrupted Kaili live USB and proceeded to make the LUKS encryption, I had accidentally booted to choice # 5, 'Kali Live persistence with encryption' BEFORE actually creating the LUKS encryption. The result was a mostly but not completely functional Kali live USB, but amazingly the Persistence and the LUKS encryption still worked!

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