I am trying to dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux and the First problem faced by me is the installer goes complete blank after "establishing DHCP connection" no matter whether I choose wireless or wired connection.
I skip this step by not connecting to the internet at all.I'd still like to know how I can work this out.
The second problem is installer doesn't read the SSD.
My windows 10 is installed in the SSD and I want to install Linux in HDD, given that my UEFI boot loader is in SSD I can't mark it during the partition process because the SDD drives are not shown there(should I not force UEFI installation),plus if in a case I want to install my Linux in SSD what should I do.
The third problem is the "executing of grub_install dummy failed".The grub fails to install and I skip this step finally installing my Linux, but I have to mount it using live which fails and I am back to windows opening.
System specs:Asus TUF 505
i7-8750H @2.2 GHz ,GTX 1050Ti
8 GB RAM, 1TB HDD , 256GB SSD,Windows 10