Mteams downloaded the latest kali-linux-2019-1a-i386-iso, installed a live version on to a 8 gig flash drive(FD) thru Win32DiskImager.exe and tested the FD. Kali-linux ran up fine from the FD.

MTeams then attempted to install kali onto the hard drive(HD) using this FD. The install process would fail every single time. Furthermore there was no singular place where the failure would occur. It occurred at different stages all thru the HD install process. At first it was thought the HD had a problem. Many checks were run both thru chkdsk/f thru Windows as this was a dual boot install, and gparted. Finally after two days of work the install process went thru completely.

MTeams then decided to install persistence to the FD. It turned out that the flash drive was corrupted and a persistence install was impossible. Neither gparted nor windows could formate any part of the FD.

If users experience this random type of failure during a HD install take a look at the FD itself. See if gparted or Windows can actually act on, check or maybe later format the FD.