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Thread: Seeking source code from 8 years ago

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    Seeking source code from 8 years ago

    Hi guys

    8 years ago I posted to the Backtrack forums as Virchanza, and I posted about a network analysis tool I developed called Dynamo. My program got over 5,000 downloads.

    This week I've got job interviews for a company I **really** want to work for, and so far I've been successful on my first and second stage interviews. But before they call me in for the final stage interview, they want to see my source code for Dynamo.

    I've lost the source code.

    By any small chance, would anyone have downloaded Dynamo a few years ago and still have it on their hard disk? You would be really really really helping me out.


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    The filename contains the word 'dynamo', maybe something like dynamo.tar.gz or

    These might find it:

    locate dynamo
    find /mnt/sda2 -name "*dynamo*" -type f
    Previously I had the code hosted on my website '' but my hosting account is closed. Actually come to think of it I might contact GoDaddy with an impassioned plea.

    (Thank you to the moderators for letting me post this).

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    Check out, if you still have the URL, you may be able to find it there

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