Hello members,

I tried to Install Kali with Windows 10 as Dual OS, but when I tried to install it on 70 GB partition, it doesn't recognize as what it's actually is.

For example: Here is how Windows see partitions, be noted that unallocated space is will be used for Kali.
Screenshot (4).jpg

What Kali see it I used fdisk -l to show this. Same result when try to install Kali)
In this Image, sda3 is My Windows Boot which contain all files in C folder
sda4 is my D & E partitions combined together.

When I boot it from USB, I can see partitions normally

Is this related to MBR and GPT ? since MBR can only have 4 primary partitions.

  • Kali Version : 2019.2 AMD64
  • Kali Architecture (32 bit, 64 bit, arm, armel) 64 bit
  • Specific hardware models you are having trouble with (if relevant) Installation, partition,MBR, Kali
  • Any visible error messages you are getting. None