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Thread: Macbook Air single boot config

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    Macbook Air single boot config

    Hello all,

    Apologies if I did not search properly and this issue was solved somewhere else, point me there then please.

    So, here is an idea - I have my old Macbook Air second gen, A1370, late 2010. Decided to play with Kali on it, as it completely outdated for now. Nevertheless, better than throw it away to garbage. I had no any experience with any Linux systems except MacOS, and no terminal expertise at all, only some MSDOS from 90's.

    I downloaded latest build available (Kali Linux 32-Bit, 2019.2, 3.2Gb), used a 8Gb stick + Etcher to convert downloaded into bootable ISO USB. Read some articles and was able to boot live from USB via Alt+Power.
    First tick - Alt+Power did not show to me 2 options to boot as was described - no Windows and EFI - only EFI. Nevertheless I was able to boot KALI from usb, wifi also OK, so I played few days with this setup and decided to get rid of OsX totally - so I choosed "Start Installer" and followed to instructions. Partitions - Guided, use entire disc and set up LVM, no encryption. Installed successfully, I did reboot, and ... no success to get loaded from internal SSD.

    Checked some web, was found this - , tried twice, no luck, still showing me an folder image after powering on. If I insert USB - loading.

    So question - how to set up system to be one system, load from SSD without any additional options? I beleive something wrong with MBR and partition management. This is how it looks like now from installer partition menu (loaded from USB):

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