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Thread: Getting mitmf to function in kali-linux

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    Getting mitmf to function in kali-linux

    You may get a series of errors "ImportError: No module named bdfactory" when trying to run mitmf.

    You could refer to "MITMF ISSUE FIXED ( ImportError: No module named bdfactory)"
    by Orkhan Ahmadov

    Here are the clif notes in text format tested by MTeams

    Go here and download in zip format

    You will get a zip file

    Unzip the file and you will get a folder named:


    Make the following directory:

    mkdir /usr/share/mitmf/bdfactory

    Copy the files within the unzipped "the-backdoor-factory" folder to the "bdfactory" folder

    Get an internet connection

    Go to the "bdfactory" folder

    cd /usr/share/mitmf/bdfactory

    Within this folder is a file called

    Run this file with an internet connection


    When finished type

    rm -f /usr/share/mitmf/plugins/

    Now type mitmf and the help files should be seen

    MTeams tested the program in the Musket version of Pawnstar9 for WPA Phishing and the program functions fine

    Musket Teams

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    MTeams should file a bug report at

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