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Thread: Updates for newer devices?

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    Updates for newer devices?

    Hello this is my first post. I was wondering since newest update 2019.2 released why there aren't many new device compatibility available yet?
    most of the devices supports are 3-5 years old. Granted Nethunter isn't supposed to support every new device but i think some new gen models from Xiaomi/Pixel/Moto/Oneplus should be natively compatible with nethunter. Otherwise it's hard to find specific handsets which are market out like 3-4 years ago.

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    Great question :-)

    We are working on newer models as we speak but unfortunately they are all pretty expensive.
    We were spoiled a few years back when we could get top spec devices for killer prices, like the Nexus series and the Oneplus One but those days are over.

    Do you have any particular handset in mind that tickles your fancy?

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