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Thread: Kali XFCE Freeze

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    I have a Kali 2019.2 XFCE x64 installed on my ESXI. On the preinstalled Firefox, whenever I try to open the destination of the downloaded file the whole Kali freeze for like 5 minutes. Afterwards the following popup appears with the message:
    Error reporting is enabled.
    If you wish to disable this feature you may do so in the Help menu.

    Not sure what Help menu am I suppose to disable this feature because there is nothing on FF help menu nor on Thunar File Manager. Tried Googeling but not much around this.
    The destination folder also does not open.
    Any ideas?

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    I can confirm that this behavior happens on both ESXI and Vmware Workstation installed Kali. Any ideas?

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    How much RAM did you allocate to the VM? Does it have enough CPU allocated?

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