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Thread: Issues Installing Kali on Lenovo ideapad Flex 4 w/ AMD ryzen 5 3500 radeon vega 8

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    Issues Installing Kali on Lenovo ideapad Flex 4 w/ AMD ryzen 5 3500 radeon vega 8

    I am attempting to install Kali on my Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 w/ AMD ryzen 5 3500 radeon vega 8 GPU.


    I downloaded the most recent build from "" using:
    kali-linux-2019-W28-amd64.iso 2019-07-07 01:30 3.4G

    -I used RUFUS to flash my USB with the ISO trying both "ISO" and "DD" (Both with the same result)
    -I have attached a few system command outputs (dmseg, lscpu, lspci) from the LIVE session to provide some info.
    -I have also attached photos of my current BIOS settings.



    Kali LIVE boots fine to the Desktop GUI and I am able to use it as I normally would with no issues. However, When I attempt to run any of the installers (standard or graphical) from the USB ISO bootable, the screen becomes all glitched and garbled as you can see from the follow photo.
    IMG_2048.jpg I have installed numerous linux systems including kali on a variety of devices and never ran into this issue.

    I am assuming this has to do with the installer being unable to recognize the GPU or something of that nature. Not sure what my options are or the best way to work around this.

    side note: I initially tried the installation with a UEFI boot and was successfully able to see and run the installer, however, Kali LIVE would only boot to terminal view and after the installation Kali would only boot to a black screen with a cursor in the top left hand corner. I was able to boot to terminal using the "nomodeset" in a GRUB edit but could not get the desktop GUI to load. Not sure If I was further along with this set up or my current LEGACY boot.

    Looking for some guidance. I can provide any additional information just was not sure what to include for this specific problem so I added all I could.
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    Was this already solved? Planning to buy Lenovo S145 with Ryzen 5 3500u processor for Kali Linux too.

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