I'm using Samsung NP880Z laptop (It's rather old, with 3 gen i7 CPU), but works just fine.
The issue with this however is that when I install Kali 2019.1 - It boots just fine. Once I do full upgrade and get linux-image-4.19-kali5-amd64 installed - system boots but no GUI (any Desktop environment, I tried Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc.). I can login into TTY, but desktop environment does not start automatically and I cannot start it manually.
If boot with linux-image-4.19-kali3-amd64 - I get desktop environment back. linux-image-4.19-kali3-amd64 seems to be the last kernel that works with my hardware, but this kernel does not seem to be available in 2019.2 repositories.

So, I'm looking for either:
1. How do I get linux-image-4.19-kali3-amd64 and headers on Kali 2019.2 and further releases?
2. How to get desktop environment back on the latest kernel?

P.S. I don't have this issue on other machines, this is very specific to Samsung laptop.