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Thread: apt-get install kali-linux-all and skip one package?

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    apt-get install kali-linux-all and skip one package?

    apt-get install kali-linux-all or apt-get install kali-linux-full
    when i do these commands it replaces my entrprise realvnc server with tightvnc and i have to config it all over again.

    is there a way to do this while skipping one or more packages??

    like: apt-get install kali-linux-all -tightvnc ???? so i can get all except that one program?

    ive googled it to the end of the world and im falling off....

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    meaning if I use:
    apt-mark hold tightvncserver
    apt-mark hold x11vnc
    apt-mark hold tigervnc*
    will that keep my full upgrades from bumping out my real vnc server setup?
    because when ive done upgrades in the past it would uninstall my real vnc and put back in there tight vnc...

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    You probably want to use the "equivs" package, and create a fake tightvncserver package, and install it, which would placate the kali-linux-all installation wanting tightvncserver.

    You can read more about it here -

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