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Thread: Build 2019

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    Build 2019

    Alrighty guys and girls!
    This will be a bit of fun... and help me in the process...
    So, in the market for a new machine to run kali and looking at options...
    Now, I can either buy a new laptop, (currently running an old Acer as a dedicated Linux laptop... and I also have a MacBook Pro 14,3 with the upgraded 3.1GHz processor and 16GB of ram, running VB)
    Now do I buy a new dedicated laptop? Or should I build a tower for dedicated Linux and ssh into it?
    Being 2019 and with the release of the new i9 processors that?s what I?m looking at...
    Thinking of the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE Motherboard & Intel Core i9-9900K for a juicy $2,499 AUD... or upgrading to processor to Core i9 Xtreme models with more threads...
    Think of this $$$ isn?t the question, for the processor should I go for 8 cores lower strings or should I punch for something with 36 strings...
    Have some fun let me know what the most insane build you can come up with is...
    Annnnnnnd Go!

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    With mac, you may have to use an external keyboard and mouse. AFAIK, they aren't supported by the kernel yet.

    If you want something crazy expensive, look up the Xeon Platinum

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    So we are going for threads not just overclock speed.

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