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Thread: Gemini PDA 2019.2 Image

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    Gemini PDA 2019.2 Image

    Seems that this firmware image does not contain a rooted Android partition.
    I've confirmed after multiple tries that the Android is not rooted and does not have Magisk Manager "pre-installed" per instructions here -

    I'm very sad since the latest stock Planet Kali image (which does have rooted Android option with MM) seems to break (unbootable) when doing an
    apt upgrade after flashing. Even after removing vim-tiny...

    Can we get a rooted Android partition image?

    Thank you thank you!

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    Thanks for letting us know.
    We are currently testing the latest boot images from Planet Computers to include in the next release and have found what seems the perfect combination.
    Would you be interested in helping us with the final beta test before we release it?

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    i would call a solution but i can get it by putting twrp in seond partion then kalli in third. with i hadnt lost the nvram even replaced never actualy worked well no kali worksif i flash alonebut the gpd pocket does that job better

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    It's an ever changing target and finding a winning combination can be challenging.
    The current OEM image comes with Android 8.1 but the included TWRP can't mount data thus it won't support NetHunter
    The previous version was not rooted
    The previous version worked but requires to downgrade Magisk Manager <- Winner
    The version before that does not support the latest display HW revision

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