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Thread: Adding External packages to Live build ISO

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    Adding External packages to Live build ISO


    I want to have Nessus installed in a custom ISO, and found a thread that talks about it, but doesnt answer the question.

    It mentions to add the nessus .deb file (not part of kali repository) to this path config/packages.chroot in the live build config scripts.

    But, that file is only generated after ./ is run

    Anyway to properly create an ISO with an external package that gets installed at build time?

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    I found this resource that talks about this:

    This is the part that I was missing and will need to test

    mkdir kali-config/common/packages.chroot
    mv Nessus-*amd64.deb kali-config/common/packages.chroot/

    To make a directory called packages.chroot and put any .deb files in that you want

    And it will be included in final build

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