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Thread: Kali Live 64GB USB Cannot Update...

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    Unhappy Kali Live 64GB USB Cannot Update...

    Background: Running Kali Live Rolling release on a 64GB USB(3.1) drive, using a ChromeBook 11 to boot into the OS. I have about 1506 Updates that I need to run for the Kali OS

    Issue: "E: You don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives.", (1506 Updates need to run)
    (Note I have already attempted running "sudo apt-get autoclean" (or) "sudo apt-get clean" and "sudo apt-get autoremove", none of these have worked. YES, I have read other post and searched Google.

    -I've attached images to article please let me know if you need me if these are helpful or if you need clearer pictures but below are additional problems that I'm sure are an issue
    -> /dev/sda1 (Use%=100%)
    -> /dev/loop0 (Use%=100%)

    Question: How would you suggest partitioning the USB?
    Will 64GB be enough for the OS and the updates that I need to run?
    Where is a good starting point for re-partitioning my drive? (i.e. articles, other forum pages)

    --Thank You to Anyone in advance...sorry for bad english
    (PS if More info or clearer pictures are needed please let me know.)

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    If you want an up to date live, I'd recommend either building your own kali or using the weekly ISOs. Updates are not gonna stick on a live, and you'll have to do them every time you boot.

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    Updates on kali live are not saved. Use weekly build.

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    Thanks guys and I appreciate the input but, does that also explain why the drive won't update at all? Just some additional information, I'm making use of Encrypted Persistence with the Live USB. I thought the whole point of persistence was that it would maintain customization/updates each time I boot up?

    PS if Either of you could link an article about custom/weekly builds that would be much appreciated--but I understand if you'd rather not thanks again

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    I'd say probably because it doesn't have enough space to unpack the archives. What you could do is delete the content of the downloaded updates and only download a few at a time. List all the updates, and run 'apt install XXX' with just a few packages at a time, and it will update them. And clear the cache.

    Yes, updates are saved with persistence, with the exception of the kernel.

    You can find the link to weekly ISO on the download page:

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