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Thread: Problems with Pyrit (and don't want to reinstall)

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    Problems with Pyrit (and don't want to reinstall)

    ...probably a good reminder to self why you should document steps as you're doing them while troubleshooting but:

    I did <something> a week ago which broke Pyrit for me. I don't use Pyrit for cracking but I do like to use it for analyzing .pcap WPA2 files. It's one of my most used applications in Kali.

    "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" still works fine for me and returns no errors. My /etc/apt/sources.list is stock the way it should be.

    Is there a quick and easy way I can cp /usr/bin/pyrit from a live cd back into my install?

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    Depends on how you broke it, it may or may not work

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    Okay, I still don't remember how I broke it but I fixed it now. In case anyone else runs into this, building pyrit from the installer did not work. I had to:

    rm -r /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cpyrit/

    And then

    apt-get update && apt-get install pyrit

    And it's working again.

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