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Thread: Outdated kali-weekly SHA256SUMS

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    Outdated kali-weekly SHA256SUMS

    The SHA256SUMS @ are at least a week behind.
    The security-minded could use this script that I created to download kali images and confirm the issue:

    The SHA256SUMS filenames are of W33
    The images are of W34
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    Is it okay to bump this? The SHA256SUMS are now out of sync across multiple mirrors. now has updated kali-weekly images but still has outdated SHA256SUMS.
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    I currently see an outdated SHA256SUMS file at , but I see a current one (week 41 at this time) at some of the mirror sites. I would have thought that the one at would be the most current. Makes me wonder how this mirroring is set up. Where are the mirrors getting their SHA256SUMS file from? Surely they don't each generate their own SHA256SUMS file.

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