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Thread: Using the Kali Linux container image in LXD

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    Using the Kali Linux container image in LXD

    LXD (lex-dee) is software that let's you create system containers. These containers are similar to virtual machines,
    but they use the Linux Container functionality of the Linux kernel.
    Compared to VMs, you can have dozens of system containers on a computer, and they run fast.

    A few months ago, a Kali developer created a container image for Kali Linux, and it is now available to use.
    That is, you can create a system container running Kali Linux.

    I have not seen any tutorial on using this Kali container image, therefore I wrote the following,

    It shows how to create a system container with Kali Linux, and then configure LXD
    to use exclusively a network card of your choosing (a WiFi Adapter).
    Then, the card is set into monitor mode, and a few tools are shown, including kismet.
    The post ends with enabling CUDA support in the system container.

    I do not know what is the intended use of the Kali Linux LXD container image,
    so if there is some other use, tell me and I may write up a tutorial for that.

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    Please post this in Community Generated How Tos. Such threads are incredibly useful and should not be buried in the sub forum where issues are discussed.

    Google also indexes relevant sub forum well enough.

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