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Thread: Kali Linux Install Stuck on Detect Disks?

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    Question Kali Linux Install Stuck on Detect Disks?

    Hey all,

    I have a 64 bit AMD setup running windows 10 here. I wanted to dual boot Kali and I have done the usual steps.

    The installer however, always gets stuck after "Detect disks", which was really random to me, as when I troubleshooted, that part skipped almost instantly for most people. I have tried to look up the problem on GParted but the problem is that /dev/sda can't even load in, and GParted is also stuck when trying to view disks. I can view the disks from "Disks" when I boot Kali live, and I realized that /dev/sda is 4gb and full and can't be read properly. I have an 80gig unallocated space on /dev/sdh (which is my WD 1TB HDD), and that's where I want to install. I had a Seagate 2TB st2000vx000 drive that was working but has given up on me a while back. Therefore, I unplugged that, but that 4gig is somehow correlated to that as the disk name is, you guessed it, st2000vx000.

    Any suggestions would be much much appreciated.

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    Can you use a different USB for bootable USB? Use rufus to create bootable USB and select DD mode instead of ISO mode.
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