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Thread: Boot option gone after removing and reinsterting external SSD

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    Angry Boot option gone after removing and reinsterting external SSD

    The problem goes like this:

    I download the ISO file, and check the SHA256 checksum, it checks out.
    Then i install the ISO file to a 16 GB USB and boot into the installer.
    Using the installer I install Kali Linux on a 500GB External SSD called Samsung External SSD T5.
    I can boot just fine, update Kali and so forth, but when I remove the external SSD and reinsert it, it no longer shows as a boot option.
    I can find the SSD in bios just fine, i just cant boot from it.

    Not sure if it is related, but I'm using a USB-C port to connect the SSD and the PC, I have tried using USB-C => USB but same result.
    I have tried reinstalling the distro multiple times, I have removed secure boot, fast boot and so on, and even tried on different systems, same result.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Do not switch to Legacy BIOS. Keep UEFI enabled and Secure Boot disabled. Kali doesn't support secure boot as of now.

    If it's your external SSD, I'm assuming your non-removable storage is HDD. Grub bootloader is installed in EFI partition of your hard drive.

    In your UEFI settings, look for an option to add entry of bootloader in your boot menu options. PCs also have option to Boot from EFI in boot menu options. Look for either of the option.

    Post screenshot of UEFI settings and boot menu options on imgur if you cannot find it.

    I've also created a post to install grub bootloader in removable drive for portability but for this you must have knowledge of how to boot from EFI which is easy to learn by playing with UEFI settings

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