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Thread: Which external WiFi adapter should I buy?

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    Question Which external WiFi adapter should I buy?

    Hello, I would be greatfull if you helped me figuring out what external WiFi adapter I should buy.
    Why I chose to ask you guys is because I've already searched the web for suggestions but every webpage I found is from 2017 or older so I wounder if they are "outdated" and if there is newer ones that perform better that maybe you know about, another reason I ask you guys is because I figure you are experienced with this kind of stuff.
    My purposes is mainly packet injection and sniffing in general if that matters at all.
    The computer I have installed Kali Linux 2019.3 on is an HP EliteBook 8460p
    What I found on the internet is mostly people recommending these: Alfa AWUS036ACH, Alfa AWUS036NHA, Alfa AWUS036NH, so what is your experience with those or any other experience with other adapter please share with me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Computer doesn't matter much as long as it can provide enough power over USB. If it can't, a powered USB hub can be used.

    - AWUS036ACH, 802.11ac, needs to have a driver installed (which is still a WiP, so there can be issues). See for the package to install.
    - AWUS036NHA, 802.11n, driver has been in the kernel and known to work well (and be stable) for quite a few years.
    - AWUS036NH, 802.11n, also uses a kernel driver, but in my experience ralink were not always reliable. It's a hit an miss, you may be lucky.

    Check out the aircrack-ng FAQ, recommended cards entry is always up to date (although some cards may be harder to get).

    TL;DR, if you just want something that always works, get the NHA.

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    I?ve been using the TP-Link WN722N for a few years and it?s been great. It uses an Atheros chipset but you HAVE to get version 1 because later versions won?t work. It?s very affordable at $10 but has a strong signal.

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    v1 hasn't been available anymore for a few years now and v2 and later don't have the same chipset.

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