Recently I've purchased a raspberry pi zero w. I heard that you can set them up to be ssh'ed into just by setting up some config files and plugging in to a usb. However this didn't appear to be as easy as I thought. I ended up running into several problems that were heading banging to troubleshoot. Anyway long story short I now have a rpi0w setup with a installation of kali linux(rpi0w version). When I plug the pi into my laptop. A new connection appears "RNDIS ethernet" saying its and unidentified connection (good all is well). The problem arises when I try to ssh into the pi though putty. I use
on cmd terminal to get the ip. I use
ping (address)
to see if I'm getting replies and this works. But when I go putty and put in the same ip I get a error "Connection error:Connection error: Connection refused". When I go into the pi via monitor and keyboard I use
systemctl status ssh
and it says that ssh is correctly running. I'm not really sure what I'm missing here. If anybody has gone through this process before or has any clue what I should try please reply